For clients

Recruitment is not a numbers game. Massive long lists of CVs that take an age to work through and a day spent interviewing candidates in the hope that one is bound to be right. Wrong. I believe recruitment is about providing you with a high quality shortlist of candidates who will be suited to your specific requirements; not just in terms of skills, but the sort of person you need in your business. I find that the latter is often over looked. 

We’ve all worked with someone who on paper has the skills, but who just doesn’t fit. That’s why I spend as much time up front understanding the sort of person you are looking for, as well as the skills they’ll need to be able to do the job. Understanding you, how you like to manage, the environment within which you work and challenges you face will help me to find a candidate who fits in your organisation. 

That’s why I don’t do recruitment by telephone. To understand you and your needs, I’ll need to experience your organisation, meet you face to face and understand your environment. Each client is different, but I’ll always want to come and say hi in person up front. As well as typically:

  • Detailed job brief taken in person
  • Advertise vacancy
  • Proactively source candidates
  • Competency based interviews
  • Skill evaluation (job specific)
  • Present shortlist 
  • Interview arranging
  • Interview brief and debrief
  • Offer management
  • 12 week aftercare